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Internal Site Audit

An internal site audit evaluates the health of your site. Analyzing your site is not just about seeing how many hits your website had during a certain period of time. It is also about knowing where the clicks came from, what the weak areas in your marketing strategy are, how much hits followed through to sales, what threats may weaken your marketing efficiency and how you can improve your site.

Benefits of Internal Site Audits

Website audits can detect broken links. It can also show how well the links in your site are working and determine those that may need to be fixed. Website audits can determine how easy the site is to search. Data gathered from these audits can be used to make improvements or changes to the website. Internal site audits can also provide information on whether or not a website is using every aspect of the internet.

A good audit can help you determine how visitors are arriving at your website. Web users can come from various sources such as search engines, online paid advertising, backlinks from articles or press releases about the company and blogs. It can also help you determine the type of information that most visitors are looking for in your site and how easy and quick that information is to find on your website.

A good internal site audit will let you know the keywords or phrases that are getting the highest rankings in the SERPs and how effective your websites section labels are. It can also help you determine weak points in your security features and firewalls. Some of these weaknesses might have been so minor that they are almost undetectable and unnoticeable. By doing an internal site audit, your IT department can get rid of the site’s weak points.

You can benefit from periodic internal site audits. Implementations that have never been adopted or things that have been overlooked can be found through this process.  

  • Internal Link Structuring

Search engines use links to determine what kind of content your site provides and how valuable it is. By following links, the search engine determines the relationship between the posts, pages and other content on your site. SEs can also find out which pages tackle similar subjects. The homepage usually has the highest link value as it contains the most backlinks.

All the links found on your homepage will share this link value.  Adding the right internal links ensures that the search engine understands the relevance and value of your web pages as well as the relationship between them. Add a lot of links to the most important content on your site. Subpages with related topics should be linked to the top pages. Doing so allows you to show the search engine what pages provide information about similar topics.

  • Website Content Writing

Providing valuable information helps you convince customers to come back for more. You can provide videos, whitepapers, ebooks, infographics and other digital marketing content to establish yourself as an expert and source of knowledge in your industry. Professional content writing services can provide you with relevant content that will drive more traffic to your site.

  • Content Optimization

Optimizing you content shows that you know your stuff and allows customers to interact with your brand. This will help you turn website visitors into loyal customers and reliable readers.